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Arbitrum: Here’s why bulls may have their eyes fixed on the L2 ecosystem

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Layer-two protocol (L2) Arbitrum has been one of the eye-catching revelations of the crypto ecosystem despite the turbulence that hit the market in 2022.

While it may have gained the attention of many investors, the Ethereum [ETH] -scaling solution was almost always at loggerheads with its competitor Optimism [OP] .

However, Arbitrum seems to be winning the race due to its position as per Total Value Locked (TVL). The TVL simply represents the number of assets being staked in a protocol.

At press time, the Aritbrum TVL was $1.95 billion. This ensured that the protocol was fourth on the list behind Ethereum, Tron [TRX] , and the Binance Smart Chain.Source: DeFi Llama But a notable stride with the Arbitrum TVL is how it has outperformed every other chain in the DeFi space.

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