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Best Crypto to Buy Now 30 March – CFX, ALGO, RNDR

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Despite facing opposition from the US government, Bitcoin has demonstrated resilience by achieving a nine-month high of $29,182 earlier today and, consequently, setting a new record for 2023.With less than two days remaining before the weekly and monthly candle close, increased market volatility is expected.Given these circumstances, the question arises: What is Bitcoin's potential trajectory for April?Furthermore, how might this trajectory influence the selection of the best cryptos to buy now?Despite the United States' combative approach to cryptocurrencies, the resilience of Bitcoin and the broader cryptocurrency markets is evident.As the country faces another banking crisis, financial regulators are working diligently to mitigate risks--but many feel the Fed has made mistakes both in holding rates at zero for too long, and then raising them too quickly.

It may be partially this narrative, along with a potential banking crisis, that is allowing Bitcoin and the wider crypto market to maintain their ground.At the same time, throughout the year so far, the crypto industry has faced enforcement actions by major regulatory players.

Yet, despite these challenges, the market remains robust.Financial analyst Jesse Myers provided valuable insights into why Bitcoin may not revisit its previous cycle low of just under $16,000—a point reached in the closing days of November after the FTX fiasco.Myers noted that investors often miss market lows due to hesitation and fear of further downside risk.Since that time, Bitcoin has seen an impressive 80% increase, culminating in today's intraday high.Currently trading at $28,080, with a loss of 0.91% so far today, Bitcoin has once again reentered the $26,500 to $29,000 range in which it

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