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Bitcoin NFTs built on Ordinals can be about $4.5b by 2025: Report

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Bitcoin [BTC] Ordinals have been a topic of discussion since its launch. Interestingly, Ordinals recently crossed the 300,000 mark.

At press time, there were a total of 302,076 inscriptions. Read Bitcoin’s [BTC] Price Prediction 2023-24 In this regard, Galaxy Research published a detailed report about the current scenario of ordinals and the direction the market can head towards in the coming years.

The report mentioned the top five Bitcoin NFT sales to date. An NFT from the Ord Punks collection topped the list as it was sold for 11.5 BTC, which was worth over $273,000.

Ord Rock grabbed the second spot, which was sold at $213,845. Source: Galaxy Research On the other hand, Galaxy Research’s report highlighted a few key criticisms of Bitcoin Ordinals .

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