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Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow Model and Its Proponents Under Fire Again as Failure Becomes Obvious

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The Bitcoin (BTC) stock-to-flow (S2F) model created by the pseudonymous analyst PlanB is once again facing scrutiny in the crypto community, after failing completely in its price prediction so far this year.According to the original S2F model and comments from PlanB, who now has 1.8m followers on Twitter, BTC should have reached a price of at least USD 98,000 by November last year.

When that didn’t happen, PlanB came out with another prediction, saying instead that BTC will have “an average price over this halving cycle” of at least USD 100,000.If that doesn’t happen, “S2F fails,” PlanB wrote at the time.Now, more than six months later, BTC is trading at around USD 20,000 while we are around halfway to the next Bitcoin halving.The failed predictions since the third Bitcoin halving in May of 2020 have already led PlanB to develop a new S2F model.

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