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BONGOCAT Coin Price Prediction as Coin Blasts Up 1500% in 24 Hours – What's Going On?

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A new cat meme coin has been going parabolic in the last 24 hours, blasting up over 1,500%.BONGOCAT was last trading in the mid-$0.26s, up nearly 400x versus its initial listing price across decentralized exchanges on Thursday of around $0.00065.The BSC Chain-based meme coin says on its website that it has one goal; “to create a strong community of diamond hands who will all prosper from the project’s success”.Given that, despite the impressive pump, BONGOCAT’s market cap is still only around $240,000, the prospect for 10 or even 20x gains if the meme coin continues to gain traction looks good.In the short-term, at least, price predictions may thus remain bullish.Whilst BONGOCAT’s early price action since its launch is impressive, there is a strong likelihood that the crypto token will end up as just another pump and dump, like so many fellow meme coins before it.That’s because the project lacks any real utility.According to the project’s website, a play-to-earn (P2E) game will be released at the end of Q4 2023.But the project offers very little detail on how this game is going to work – it should be assumed that the roadmap is all talk until proven otherwise.Investors looking for a small-cap crypto gem should instead look for project’s that have a proper, doxed team-building crypto project with a credible use case and roadmap.Investing early in crypto token presales being run by highly promising web3 start-ups has proven time and time again to be one of the most effective way to generate high returns.But there are so many presale projects to choose from.Luckily, the team at spends a lot of time combing through the presale market to find the best projects.And a project that they really like right now, due

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