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Coinbase CEO hints its new layer-2 network could include AML measures

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Coinbase chief executive Brian Armstrong has hinted that the firm’s new Layer-2 blockchain network Base may be subjected to transaction monitoring and anti-money laundering measures at launch.In an interview with Joe Weisenthal on Bloomberg Radio on Mar.

6, Armstrong acknowledged that Base has some centralized components today, adding “it will be more and more decentralized over time.”However, he then suggested that there will be transaction monitoring and AML requirements for users of the new layer-2 network.He suggested that Coinbase will have a responsibility in terms of transaction monitoring in the early days, adding:Armstrong’s comments were also highlighted up by decentralization advocate Chris Blec in a Twitter post on Mar.

7.Odd Lots @TheStalwart directly asked @coinbase CEO @brian_armstrong how CB will navigate KYC/AML obligations on @BuildOnBase.Armstrong tap danced around an answer.

In the last 10 seconds he hints there WILL be some sort of KYC at launch.Wish Joe had pressed for more clarity. is an Ethereum layer-2 network that offers a secure, low-cost, developer-friendly way for users to build decentralized apps, according to Coinbase.

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