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DefiLlama forked as internal dispute unfolds

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A dispute has taken place within the decentralized finance (DeFi) analytics dashboard DefiLlama, leading the platform to be forked by one of its employees over the weekend.

The dispute centers on the company's plans to launch a token. On March 19, pseudonymous developer at DefiLlama 0xngmi announced the firm's team was forking the platform, which was "undergoing a hostile takeover", accusing DefiLlama's founders of launching a token without its employees' support.

The DefiLlama team is forking Defillama@Defillama is undergoing a hostile takeoverThere is an ongoing attempt to launch a token that does not represent us.

We don't want to be associated with itUse and @llamadotfi instead!According to 0xngmi, a person controlling both defillama's Twitter and domain decided to launch a token "despite everybody in the team not wanting it," said the developer before adding that "the DefiLlama team who have built the site [...] for the past three years have decided to fork Defillama and start fresh on" "Long story short, there was someone planning to launch a LLAMA token without approval of a single person on the defillama team," said on Twitter pseudonymous user Tendeeno, claiming to be a contributor on several Llama Corp.

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