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Exploring XRP’s price action as Ripple files Fair Notice defense

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Ripple [XRP] is back in the spotlight courtesy of its recent filing regarding its lawsuit filed by the SEC. The new filing focuses heavily on Fair Notice defense, which has been part of Ripple’s argument since the beginning.

But what is new this time?Read Ripple’s [XRP] Price Prediction 2023-24Ripple’s new filing is particularly noteworthy because it is from the United States Supreme Court.

More importantly, a favorable ruling based on fair notice defense may affect the average person in case they are sued. This is because the filing states that people need some guidance regarding the law before they are sued.<p lang=«en» dir=«ltr» xml:lang=«en»>Ripple just filed a strong case supporting its Fair Notice Defense.Strong because it comes from the U.S.

Supreme Court and states that regular-ish people like you and me need to have guidance and know what the law/rules are ( before we are sued).

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