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Gary Stevenson, City trader turned campaigner: ‘I made money betting on a disaster’

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Gary Stevenson became a multimillionaire by “betting inequality was going to destroy our economy and make the poorest in society even poorer”.Growing up with his brother and sister in a cramped two-bed terrace backing on to a railway line in Ilford, east London, Stevenson, 35, had always wanted to make a lot of money. “I was a clever, poor, ambitious kid, who just didn’t want to be poor any more.”He achieved his goal by the age of 22, getting a job as a trader at Citigroup in Canary Wharf in 2008.

Within two years he had made his first million. His pay and bonuses continued rising as his bets – that interest rates wouldn’t rise and the inequality gap would widen – made tens of millions for the bank.Then he quit. “I was making more money than I could ever imagine,” Stevenson says from his flat in Limehouse, overlooking the Citi tower he once worked in. “But it wasn’t right.”He adds: “I made the money by betting on what is a fucking disaster, right?

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