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How to deal with crypto turbulence: Investors give their top tips on weathering a crypto winter

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When Doug Milnes started buying cryptocurrencies in January of this year, he felt like it could become an entirely new asset class for investors.Right now what it is making him feel is extremely unsettled.The marketing executive from Summit, New Jersey, says his holdings, including a number of different cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, are down around 60 per cent from where he bought.

What was 2 per cent of his portfolio is now around 0.8 per cent — making him wring his hands about whether to hold on, head for the exits, or buy the dip."Crypto has gone through a number of booms and busts over time, and it’s hard to know if this time is different," Milnes says. "I don’t know if my feelings are clouding my judgment.

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