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'I fear new famine,' Live Aid relief organiser Bob Geldof tells Euronews

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The Sani music festival in northern Greece is celebrating its 30th anniversary this month. In the balmy night air, big crowds turned out to hear Irish rock star Bob Geldof and his band the Bobkatz strum through some Boomtown Rats classic hits.Geldof is famous for his fundraising activities fighting famine, and he used his appearance to warn about the impact of the war in Ukraine on world food supplies."Putin is using food as a weapon," he told Euronews. "Millions of people, people who have never heard of Ukraine, people who have never heard of Putin, will die because of what he is doing." "He says it’s a military operation.

Then what’s grain got to do with this? It is disgusting. It’s disgraceful, and he is despicable."It was 37 years ago that Geldof organised the Live Aid charity concert to raise money to fight famine -- and today, he believes new ways need to be found to mobilise worldwide opinion."Social media will be the mechanism whereby something could happen," he said. "But for that to work, it's too diffuse.""So one way of thinking about this is the diffusion of the medium has meant the dilution of the message." "That’s the problem.

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