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I missed Abba Voyage but Ticketmaster won’t refund me

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At the end of last year I bought five tickets to see Abba Voyage in London on 5 January from Ticketmaster. At the checkout it offered “missed event insurance” through Allianz Assistance.

On reading that it covered ill health, including Covid, I paid £3.83 a ticket. Unfortunately, I tested positive for Covid just before Christmas, and my friend (whose birthday treat the outing was for) got it on 25 December.

Her condition got worse, and she was prescribed antibiotics for a respiratory infection. In the end, neither of us were well enough to travel, and cancellation was the only option. I have spent hours trying to make a claim online (the chatbot merely gives you a phone number, which never gets answered) but hit a brick wall when I got to the point where you upload the supporting documents, as they ask for “proof of cancellation”. Ticketmaster does not allow you to cancel tickets: you can offer them for resale, or not turn up and lose your money.

This is not something it, or Allianz, tells you when they sell the policy. The tickets cost £384. Have I lost all my money? JB, by email Trying to claim on this policy was a frustrating rigmarole, and Allianz has apologised and refunded your money.It says: “We apologise that JB wasn’t able to make the claim for her missed event.

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