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Inside the violent, misogynistic world of TikTok’s new star, Andrew Tate

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Andrew Tate says women belong in the home, can’t drive, and are a man’s property.He also thinks rape victims must “bear responsibility” for their attacks and dates women aged 18–19 because he can “make an imprint” on them, according to videos posted online.In other clips, the British-American kickboxer – who poses with fast cars, guns and portrays himself as a cigar-smoking playboy – talks about hitting and choking women, trashing their belongings and stopping them from going out.“It’s bang out the machete, boom in her face and grip her by the neck.

Shut up bitch,” he says in one video, acting out how he’d attack a woman if she accused him of cheating. In another, he describes throwing a woman’s things out of the window.

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