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Is the IMF shutting the door prematurely on Bitcoin as legal tender?

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There’s been little sunlight this crypto winter, so it may seem odd to present the “Bitcoin as legal tender” argument again.

That is, will or should any country — other than El Salvador and the Central African Republic (CAR), which have already done so — declare Bitcoin (BTC) an official national currency?The International Monetary Fund (IMF) raised the issue again last week in a paper putting forth nine crypto-focused policy actions that its 190 member countries should adopt.

First on its list of “don’ts” was elevating crypto to “legal tender.” Or, as the multilateral lending institution’s executive board assessment stated:Maybe it’s not fair to ask the question with crypto back on its heels, but was the IMF right to warn its member banks about cryptocurrencies?

And if so, what exactly is lacking in the composition of private digital money that makes it unsuitable as an official national currency?

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