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Mastercard: 51% of Surveyed Consumers in Latin America & the Caribbean Have ‘Experienced’ Crypto

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Interest in crypto is piquing in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), where the payments giant Mastercard says over half of “consumers” have already had at least one encounter with crypto.The firm said that it had spoken to “more than 35,000 people around the world” as part of its New Payments Index survey, with 51% of LAC respondents saying that they had completed “at least one crypto-related activity in the past 12 months.”It added that “more than a third” of Latin American/Caribbean respondents have used a stablecoin to “make a payment for an everyday purchase.”The survey, conducted between March and April this year, further found that 54% of Latino and Caribbean consumers are “optimistic” about the performance of digital assets as an investment.Some 66% of Latin Americans and Caribbeans replied that they wanted “greater flexibility to use crypto and traditional payment methods interchangeably” in their daily financial operations.A whopping 82% also replied that they wanted their current banks to provide them with a range of “directly available” “cryptocurrency-related” functions.

And 77% of those questioned said they would be happy to use crypto more if they understood more about it.The survey further indicated that if cryptoassets “were issued or backed by a trusted organization,” such as a bank, 69% of the respondents would feel more confident investing.

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