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Regulatory uncertainty creates rash of ‘novel’ lawsuits: Legal experts

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Regulatory uncertainty surrounding crypto has created a “fertile environment” for crypto-related litigation and enforcement to grow, according to lawyers from Choate Hall & Stewart LLP.In an analysis piece published on Law360 on June 28, lawyers from Choate Hall & Stewart LLP, including Mike Gass, Diana Lloyd and Alex Bevans, noted increasing evidence that “novel applications of existing laws” are being used to litigate against users and investors of cryptocurrency, predicting this trend to only accelerate over time:The lawyers cited several cases as examples, including the prosecution of a U.S.

citizen for violating sanctions using crypto, several lawsuits brought on by the SEC in recent years, as well a rising number of class action lawsuits and private litigation. “Cryptocurrency trading platforms and those trading in and using cryptocurrency must recognize that litigation and enforcement activity is likely to accelerate in the current regulatory climate, perhaps in unpredictable ways,” the authors said.In May, the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) issued its first criminal complaint against an unnamed U.S.

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