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Same-sex marriage just became legal in Switzerland. This couple is set to be among first to benefit

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This couple will be among the first to tie the knot on Friday morning when same-sex marriage becomes legal in Switzerland.Geneva natives Laure and Aline have been waiting for this day ever since they met 21 years ago. "We sent out the invitations at the last minute," Laure told Euronews. "People sometimes have trouble making themselves available on a Friday at 11 am.

Our family will be there, and some friends too. It will be a great moment to share with our loved ones." "It's very exciting and we are very happy to be able to represent marriage for all."After they met, the two quickly entered into a civil partnership in Geneva -- the first in the country to grant same-sex couples some of the rights and protections of married couples.The local law, however, did not grant them access to tax benefits or joint health insurance, which were all defined by federal laws at the time.In 2014, Laure and Aline became registered partners -- a Swiss legal provision that allows for two people of the same sex to unite in what is an upgrade on civil partnerships, attaining similar rights to those of married couples.Yet, after they had a child through a medically assisted pregnancy, the two realised that the law had a few key differences, after all.Even though Laure gave birth to their son, now four, Aline had to jump through a series of hoops and wait for years to be recognised as his other parent."I'm the biological mother," Laure explained, "so Aline had no rights in relation to him.""So then you have to wait until the child has lived together with you as the couple for a year.

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