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Singapore craft beer uses recycled sewage to highlight water scarcity

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It is a beer made with only the finest ingredients: premium German barley malts, aromatic Citra and Calypso hops, farmhouse yeast from Norway – and reclaimed sewage.NewBrew, a collaboration between Singapore’s national water agency and the local craft brewery Brewerkz, has already proved popular and has sold out on tap at the brewery’s restaurants, according to reports.Brewerkz describes the beer as “highly quaffable” and suitable for Singapore’s tropical climate, with a smooth, toasted honey-like aftertaste.

But it is also intended to cast a light on the climate emergency, and the growing threat that droughts and floods pose to the world’s fresh water supply.Singapore, a densely populated city state, is especially vulnerable to water scarcity, due to its lack of natural water resources and lack of space for water collection and storage facilities.The country has invested in new ways to ensure a sustainable supply, and reduce its dependence on water imported from neighbouring Malaysia.

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