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Sky TV won’t give my mum access to the account she pays for

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My mum is a longstanding Sky TV customer, but, despite paying the bill for more than a decade, she has discovered she has no control over the account because it is in the name of my long-gone dad.When she sold her house to be closer to her family, she tried to change the address on the Sky account, but was told she could not without my dad’s permission or, indeed, even cancel.My parents had this account for more than 20 years, but split 14 years ago, are now divorced and we have no contact with my father.She has found herself in the bizarre situation of being able to pay for Sky (she has actually changed banks three times since taking over the payments) but not to own the account.Sky’s advice is to simply cancel the direct debit and walk away, but she is concerned this could leave a mark on her credit file.We were planning to get Sky Glass in her new property as she isn’t allowed a dish, but this has left us wondering if she shouldn’t just stick to Freeview.

JP, RamsbottomSky confirmed that any change of address, or cancelling, would require your father’s permission.It says: “As outlined in our terms and conditions, we require the account holder’s permission to cancel or move an account to prevent against any unsolicited cancellations.

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