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Sweeping layoffs, hiring, and firing as crypto prices take a massive downturn

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Many in the crypto world have been glued to their screens with eyes dead set on financial conditions this week. That isn’t the case for everyone though, as thousands are suddenly experiencing woes of sudden unemployment.Words of encouragement and sympathy also poured out across Twitter and LinkedIn consoling individuals released from their responsibilities.

Some expressed frustration, confusion, and anger while others expressed gratitude, renewed vision, and reflections.My heart is with those recently laid off.

I too have been one of the lucky ones to be spared by massive layoffs on days where friends have been let go. This privileged situation has its own anxiety, displacement and upheaval.

Sorry you're going through this moment.As recently laid-off talent takes to social media to let the world know, multiple companies have stood up to offer job interviews to those in distress.Binance has been vocal across social media, offering two thousand jobs to replace the thousands that were recently dissolved.

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