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Terra lending protocol Mars to launch mainnet

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The original Terra lending protocol, Mars Hub, announced the launch of its independent Cosmos application chain on Jan. 31, along with the issue of MARS tokens to users who hold it during the two snapshots on Terra Classic.According to a statement on Jan.

20, the Mars Hub mainnet will go live with 16 genesis validators, including Block Pane, Chill Validation, Chorus One, Cosmology, CryptoCrew Validators, ECO Stake, among others.

An additional 34 slots for permissionless validators will be available post-launch. On January 31, Mars Hub Mainnet will go live. - $MARS Airdrop.- Red Bank and Credit Accounts on @osmosiszone. total of 50 million MARS tokens will be delegated to genesis validators for the launch, and returned to the community pool one month later. "This temporary delegation will help protect the network from attack by a rogue validator that could potentially accumulate a large delegation of MARS shortly after genesis and begin manipulating transactions on-chain," notes the statement.

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