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The A-Z of Aptos five months after Mainnet launch

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When Aptos’ [APT] Mainnet went live on 17 October 2022, there was an array of excitement in the crypto community. At the time, the ecosystem was battling with several downsides but the project’s offer to allow the development of DeFi applications on its chain brought a bit of cheer.

Read Aptos’ [APT] Price Prediction 2023-2024 Five months down the line, Aptos has excelled in some areas. In other parts, its performance has been no more than woefully inadequate.

An unignorable part of the ecosystem is the Total Value Locked (TVL). The TVL is a metric used to represent the sum of all assets deposited into a protocol.

Many of its “earlier supporters” expected Aptos to thrive in that regard. However, the opposite has been the case. A look at DeFi Llama data showed that the TVL of the layer one (L1) blockchain was $35.54 million despite boasting 19 lending, liquid staking, and yield protocols under its chain.

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