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‘The big squeeze’: what the papers say about Bank of England’s recession forecast

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Friday’s papers are united in gloom, placing front and centre the Bank of England’s grim forecast of a lengthy recession and inflation rising to its highest level since 1980.The Financial Times goes big with a “red alert” graphic showing GDP and inflation alongside an image of Bank governor Andrew Bailey, under the headline: “BoE warns of long recession as interest rates rise by half-point”.

It notes that the outlook is worse than that of the US or the EU.<p lang=«en» dir=«ltr» xml:lang=«en»>Just published: front page of the Financial Times, UK edition, Friday 5 August https://t.co/ZrPdyJmTCG pic.twitter.com/kzCgmoIBOB“Britain slides into crisis”, says the Times, creating a similar graphic showing interest rate rises, under the title “black Thursday”.

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