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This Crypto Project Is About to Disrupt the Metaverse Industry - Time to Buy?

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The metaverse is easily one of the most exciting concepts developed in the crypto space. Combining two technologies of virtual reality mixed with blockchain, several industry experts have been over the moon regarding its usability and the immersive user experience it provides.

This is even apparent following Meta’s announcement to go full force into the emerging sub-sector.But the metaverse’s growth has not been without its bumps, largely due to the broader market’s epileptic performance last year.

The immersive industry is, however, set for a massive upscale this coming year. While there are currently blockchain projects that tend to this, new exciting ones are making it an evenly spaced ideology.

One such is RobotEra. What is the metaverse, and what does the RobotEra bring to the sub-sector?Mixed, augmented, and virtual realities are three concepts that have been around for the last half-decade.

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