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This decentralized exchange is on a quest to become an all-in-one DeFi platform

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A crypto trading hub is preparing to celebrate five years of innovation at the cutting edge of DeFi — enabling investors to execute trades with low fees.Kyber Network has established a suite of products that traders, liquidity providers and developers rely on every day.Through KyberSwap, tokens can be swapped immediately at highly competitive rates — and all without compromising on user experience.

Deep liquidity is crucial, and this is aggregated through a plethora of DEX protocols.Tools give developers the ability to innovate and build new applications that boast instantaneous exchanges of decentralized tokens, too.And to ensure that everyone can have a say in this hub's future direction, KyberDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization, enables participants to vote on upcoming governance proposals and have a stake in the platform's success.Kyber Network has achieved many milestones since it launched in 2017 — and to date, it's facilitated over $7 billion in transactions for thousands of users.

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