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This New Crypto Will Introduce Token Gated Access for the Leading Combat Sports Community on Web3 – How Does it Work?

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Move-2-Earn (M2E) created a lot of noise last year, with projects such as Solana-based STEPN gaining big traction. Yet, despite surging interest - many feel the sector has failed to deliver on the promise of revolutionising fitness and health with Web3.Fight Out is an ambitious M2E project on a mission to change that.The result of frustrations around expensive barriers to entry, such as costly NFT sneakers on STEPN.

Fight Out is designed to deliver an accessible M2E concept that values personal development over transactional dApp dynamics.With no barriers to entry and a reward system that enables users to start earning from the get-go, Fight Out beckons a new dawn of fitness and health on Web3.And markets are excited, the Fight Out presale has shocked the space with an ongoing skyrocket presale that has raised a jaw-dropping $5.18m already.With the project rapidly emerging as the biggest M2E launch of 2023 - analysts are anticipating an influx of capital from STEPN after GMT's failed recovery rally once again disappointed investors.The dApp tracks innovative metrics using your phone's in-built inertial measurement unit.

Using blockchain technology, your workouts are then rewarded with $REPS.This marks a huge advancement from STEPN's pedometer technology, with Fightout able to track and reward every type of workout.

From your time spent hammering away on the punching bag, to your time on the driving range, even your progress lifting weight in the gym.This contibutes to a secondary play-2-earn (P2E) layer to the ecosystem, which pits users head-to-head in competition and challenges to win rewards.

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