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UK declares a 'national incident' after polio virus is found for the first time since 1984

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Health officials in Britain declared a "national incident" on Wednesday after discovering the virus that causes polio in the country for the first time in nearly 40 years.There has as yet been no confirmed cases of the disease but parents have been warned to ensure their children have been vaccinated against polio after it was found in London sewage samples in recent months.The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) said it believes the virus was "vaccine-derived," meaning it came from someone who received the live polio vaccine abroad.

That person would then have passed the virus to closely linked individuals in London, who shed the virus into their feces.The UK stopped using the live oral polio vaccine in 2004 and switched to an inactivated version.Polio, which was officially eradicated in the UK in 2003, can cause paralysis in rare cases and can be life-threatening.Authorities stressed that the risk to the public overall is “extremely low.” They added that the virus has been detected only in sewage samples, and no cases of paralysis have been reported.Still, they asked people to check that their children are fully vaccinated and to contact their doctor if unsure."Most of the U.K.

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