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What is KLX and how does it work?

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Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that is not part of editorial content.Kalima Blockchain is a layer 1 third generation blockchain for IoT (Internet of Things) and enterprises.

It’s a rapidly expanding ecosystem which enables enterprises, developers, and startups to build the future of Web3.0, Enterprise, and Data Governance applications, specifically with IoT data, to solve real-world problems.The KLX is the native utility token of the Kalima Network.

The role of the KLX token is to maintain, secure, and operate the Kalima network. It can be used to hold, send, spend, stake, build dApps on the Blockchain, pay transaction fees, and acquire nodes.

KLX stakers will secure the entire network and earn rewards proportionally to the amount of KLX they have staked.The KLX has a limited max supply of 480,000,000,000 KLX.

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