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Binance tightens NFT rules: Nifty Newsletter, Jan. 18–24

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In this week’s newsletter, read about how nonfungible token (NFT) sales reached 101 million in 2022. Learn how NFTs can be used to summon defendants who cannot be reached using traditional methods, and see how toys play a role in the NFT and Web3 ecosystem.

Check out how Binance is tightening its rules on NFT listings, and don’t forget this week’s Nifty News, featuring the resurgence of former U.S.

President Donald Trump’s NFTs. A report published by decentralized app tracker DappRadar shows that NFT sales in 2022 reached 101 million, representing a 67.57% increase compared with 2021.The report also shows that the Ethereum blockchain remains the top contender in the NFT ecosystem, with 21.2 million transactions processed in the year.

The network is followed by WAX (14.5 million), Polygon (13.3 million) and Solana (12.9 million). Continue reading…In blockchain-based crimes where defendants are unreachable, crypto lawyers believe that serving court orders through NFTs could be a solution.

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