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Bitcoin ATMs Return to Tokyo, Osaka for First Time Since 2018

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Bitcoin (BTC) ATMs are coming back to Japan for the first time since the crypto winter of 2018 – with citizens in Tokyo and Osaka finally able to trade crypto from machines other than their phones and PCs.Crypto ATMs, known commonly as BTMs in Japan and elsewhere, used to be commonplace in major commercial areas, but fell out of favor after the cataclysmic Coincheck hack of early 2018 brought the Japanese crypto industry to its knees.Crypto investment fell out of favor in the following period, with confidence already shaken by the Mt.

Gox incident of 2013-14. As such, Japan, once the center of gravity for the crypto markets, saw BTMs shuttered and decommissioned in the months after the Coincheck incident.Per Mainichi and Nikkei, it has been four years since a BTM has operated in Japan.

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