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Bitcoin Lightning Network developer updates node software with Taproot support

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Lightning Labs, a developer of the Bitcoin (BTC) Lightning Network (LN), released a beta version of the Lightning Network Daemon (lnd) — a complete implementation of the LN node — with added support to the latest protocol upgrades including Taproot and Musig2 among other improvements.lnd is a software component that handles various aspects within the LN including managing a database, generating payment invoices and revoking payments to name a few.

The latest software release, named lnd 0.15 beta (v0.15-beta), aims to empower developers to create solutions for more use cases by leveraging the Bitcoin network’s latest capabilities.Announcing lnd 0.15 beta: To Taproot and Beyond! ♾️Featuring:Taproot + Musig2 support for better privacy + efficiency, Taro soon™ ~95% database space reduction for new data️ New pathfinding tool to choose speed vs.

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