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Bitcoin may behave more like US Treasury bonds: Bloomberg Intelligence

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The latest crypto market research from Bloomberg Intelligence suggests that Bitcoin may start to behave more like United States (U.S.) Treasury bonds and gold, rather than stocks.In its August Crypto Outlook report, penned by Senior Commodity Strategist Mike McGlone and Senior Market Structure Analyst Jamie Coutts, the research unit compared Bitcoin markets to those of gold, bonds, and oil.The authors suggested that macroeconomic influences such as the Federal Reserve’s monetary policies have resulted in similarities in Treasury bond markets and Bitcoin:They also added that a “dump-following-pump nature of commodities” and receding bond yields suggest an increase in the probability of bonds, gold, and Bitcoin being buoyed as inflation decreases.Is the Flush Done?

Booms, Busts and #Bitcoin vs. #Gold, #Bonds, #Oil -- Whether the ebbing tide has subsided for most assets is the top binary issue for 2H, and in most scenarios, Bitcoin and Ethereum appear poised to come out ahead.

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