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Can Synthetix Perps v2 achievement save SNX from the bears

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Synthetix [SNX] continues to make news with its achievements, the latest being Perps V2. Synthetix revealed in a recent tweet that Perps V2’s cumulative volume reached nearly $2 billion, while its daily volume somewhat touched $115 million.

This was a commendable achievement, as only a week ago, Perp V2’s daily volume touched $100 million. <p lang=«en» dir=«ltr» xml:lang=«en»>Synthetix Perps nears $2B in cumulative volume and $115M in daily volume!

This is a massive milestone for Synthetix and DeFi as a wholeIntegrators have worked tirelessly to make this possible.Cheers to them @Kwenta_io, @PolynomialFi, @DecentrexHQ, @dHedgeOrg❤️ ⚔️— Synthetix ⚔️ (@synthetix_io) March 16, 2023 Realistic or not, here’s SNX market cap in BTC ‘s terms Thanks to the massive increase in volume, Synthetix’s fees and revenue also spiked over the last few days.

As per Token Terminal, Synthetix’s fees and revenue gained upward momentum since 7 March and later spiked substantially on 12 March.Source: Token Terminal While these achievements suggested growth for the network, the same might not be true for its native token, SNX.

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