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DeFi problems and opportunities in 2023. Market Talks

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On this week’s episode of Market Talks, Cointelegraph welcomes Grant Shears, founder of Blocmates — an educational and consultancy company that aims to create crypto, DeFi and Web3 content that anyone can understand.

This week, to kick things off, we take a look at the emerging trends of 2023 and what people should look forward to. What industries could really take off this year, and which sector could have the most potential to grow?It’s no secret that 2022 was not a great year for DeFi, an industry that arguably imploded on itself by offering unsustainable high yields that eventually caused the model to collapse.

We ask Shears if there are any projects this year that plan to fix this problem and what that fix might look like.Traditional finance (TradFi) seems to have caught up to DeFi since yields have increased from about 1% to 3.5% — and in some cases 4.65%.

Not to mention TradFi comes with a sense of security and safety. There are lower risks involved when compared to DeFi, where in order to get higher yields, users must also take on higher risks.

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