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EU lawmakers vote for more restrictive capital requirements on banks holding crypto

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The Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee of the European Parliament has voted for measures requiring banks holding cryptocurrencies to set aside a punitive amount of capital.In a Jan.

24 notice, the European Parliament announced the committee had voted overwhelmingly in favor of amendments to its Capital Requirements Regulation and Capital Requirements Directive applying to banks holding crypto.

According to a draft law, banks would be required to hold a “risk-weighted exposure amount” of up to 1,250% of capital based on exposure to crypto.On Tuesday 24/01 @EP_Economics adopted changes to Capital Requirements Regulation (w/ 41/1/14) & Directive (49/2/7) #CRR & #CRD @jonasfernandez MEPs ready for negotiations w/ #EU2023SE legislative institution said the changes were in line with those from the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, or BCBS, the body responsible for international banking standards.

The group released consultation papers in 2019, 2021, and 2022 which explored dividing crypto assets into groups and recommending how banks should address potential risks.

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