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Fossil fuel firms ‘have humanity by the throat’, says UN head in blistering attack

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Fossil fuel companies and the banks that finance them “have humanity by the throat”, the UN secretary general has said, in a “blistering” attack on the industry and its backers, who are pulling in record profits amid energy prices sent soaring by the Ukraine war.António Guterres compared fossil fuel companies to the tobacco companies that continued to push their addictive products while concealing or attacking health advice that showed clear links between smoking and cancer, the first time he has drawn such a parallel.He said: “We seem trapped in a world where fossil fuel producers and financiers have humanity by the throat.

For decades, the fossil fuel industry has invested heavily in pseudoscience and public relations – with a false narrative to minimise their responsibility for climate change and undermine ambitious climate policies.“They exploited precisely the same scandalous tactics as big tobacco decades before.

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