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Frax’s shift to a fully backed stablecoin signals the end of DeFi’s algorithmic experiment

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The Frax community recently approved a proposal to make its FEI stablecoin fully backed by USD equivalents, rather than maintaining a partially backed and semi algorithmic stablecoin.

With Frax’s decision, the days of experimentation with algorithmic stablecoins could finally be behind us.The decentralized stablecoin space has only proved effective with ETH, USDC and BTC backed stablecoins.

The failure of algorithmic stablecoins (like UST) and depegging of overleveraged stablecoins (like MIM) has become one of the primary reasons for loss of confidence in decentralized stablecoins.Decentralized stablecoins account for 5.5% of the total stablecoin supply.

MarkerDAO’s DAI commands the lion’s share of this with 71% dominance. The transfer volumes of decentralized stablecoins are largely dominated in DAI and have declined since Q3 2022, suggesting that activity across the sector is still inhibited.During the bull run of 2021 and 2022, platforms like Abracadabra and Luna flourished due to higher yields, but when the market took a negative turn these stablecoins were some of the first to collapse.

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