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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to make your own token for free?

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your very own token? One new platform is allowing crypto enthusiasts to find out.MintMe enables anyone to create distinctive tokens "in just a few clicks" — and it says knowledge about development isn't required.The project says these tokens can then be used for crowdfunding, or to raise money for charity.According to MintMe, its blockchain is a fork of Ethereum — and boasts a custom algorithm that allows anyone to mine its flagship coin "in an egalitarian way." Because the prospect of generating new digital assets is equal to all, irrespective of how big their balance is, the project's founders believe its approach could be especially beneficial to crypto enthusiasts in developing economies.MintMe describes its blockchain as a key tenet of its ecosystem — and says its ASIC-resistant mining algorithm means new coins can be minted through CPUs and web browsers.Founders claim that the fact it's accessible to all achieves greater levels of decentralization, and makes its ecosystem fair and inclusive.Version two of MintMe's exchange is scheduled to launch later this year, unlocking a plethora of improvements.In addition to a redesign of its platform — a series of big, new features are expected to launch, including a bounty campaign and bridges to other networks.Interoperability is crucial for ensuring that crypto enthusiasts can spend their coins how they wish — as well as welcoming new users to MintMe's ecosystem.V2 will also deliver a complete overhaul of the project's brand, with listings on major exchanges and a concerted push towards building a DeFi ecosystem.

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