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‘It feels like a tipping point’: drivers on the soaring petrol and diesel prices

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Prices at the pump continue to climb, with the average cost of a litre of petrol hitting 191.5p on Sunday, while diesel reached 199.0p.The soaring costs, which have triggered protests by motorists in parts of England and Wales are having serious impacts on incomes, particularly of those living in poorly connected areas.Here, five people discuss how fuel costs are affecting them.Twice a week, David Francis, 59, drives between his home in Cornwall and the college in London where he is an assistant principal.

Whereas last November the commute used to cost him about £540 in petrol monthly, it has shot up to £770. Along with other rising bills, Francis says he is worried for the future. “I am increasingly concerned that soon we [will] hit a point where we can no longer cope.

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