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Hermès asks court to halt sales of MetaBirkin NFTs following recent jury decision

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Hermès International, the French luxury fashion house, has requested a Manhattan federal court to block artist Mason Rothschild from marketing or owning his "MetaBirkin" non-fungible tokens (NFTs) following a recent jury decision that found Rothschild had violated Hermes' trademark rights in its famous Birkin bags, as reported by Reuters.

French luxury house Hermes International has asked a federal judge to block artist Mason Rothschild from promoting or owning his "MetaBirkin" non-fungible tokens after a jury found they violate Hermes' trademark rights in its famous Birkin bags to the report by Reuters, the court filing from Hermes on Friday stated that Rothschild had continued to promote his NFTs even after a nine-member jury found Rothschild liable for trademark infringement, trademark dilution, and “cybersquatting,” awarding Hermès $133,000 in damages.

In light of this, the luxury company has requested the court to mandate that Rothschild stop using the "Birkin" trademark and hand over the MetaBirkins website, the NFTs he still possesses, and his earnings from the token sales since the trial to Hermès.

Recent court filing by Hermès revealed that Mason Rothschild is still receiving a 7.5% royalty for each sale of MetaBirkin NFTs and has been promoting them on his website and social media accounts even after the verdict in February.

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