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Inflation and rising interest rates have stressed the 60/40 investment portfolio strategy — 'but it's not dead,' says financial advisor

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The 60/40 portfolio is under fire. But should investors sound the death knell for the classic investment strategy? Financial advisors and experts don't think so — but it likely needs a tweak. «It's stressed but it's not dead,» said Allan Roth, a certified financial planner based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. More from Personal Finance:4 ways to save money at the pumpEducation Department to cancel student debt for some 200,000 borrowersTax return backlog is still 'crushing the IRS' The strategy allocates 60% to stocks and 40% to bonds — a traditional portfolio that carries a moderate level of risk.

More generally, «60/40» is a shorthand for the broader theme of investment diversification. The thinking is: When stocks (the growth engine of a portfolio) do poorly, bonds serve as a ballast since they often don't move in tandem.

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