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Meta Masters Guild Presale Surges Past $1.4 Million – Limited Time to Invest at Early Bird Prices

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Meta Masters Guild (MMG) is an upcoming Web3 gaming guild and game ecosystem that combines blockchain and Web3 technologies to provide an innovative and engaging environment for players.

The game's token is currently gaining traction in its presale, already raising over $1.45 million in a matter of weeks.It is built on the Ethereum blockchain and uses its own ERC-20 token, the MMG cryptocurrency.

Gamers in the MMG ecosystem can earn rewards in the form of in-game currencies and NFTs by participating in guild activities.The platform's games all incorporate the $MEMAG token, which has a direct exchange rate with Gems: the in-game rewards currency.

Gems are not crypto but rather can be swapped into $MEMAG; this distinction enables both iOS and Android versions of these titles to gain approval from Apple and Google app stores.The mission of Meta Masters Guild is to create a unique decentralized Web3 gaming experience where players are not just consumers but also active participants with agency over their virtual assets, which they trade, collect, and gain advantages with.The company aims to make games more enjoyable through game mechanics that reward player efforts rather than mindless grinding with little reward.They are also committed to facilitating skilled players to compete at the top levels, and will support official esports teams and content creators covering their titles.MMG is continually launching community giveaways and will create events that reward skill and commitment from their members.

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