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Salad shortages? They don’t worry me – I grow my own in a 8x5m plot. You can, too

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W hen vegetable shortages hit supermarkets earlier this month, I was probably less concerned than most salad lovers. I’ve been an urban gardener for seven years, growing my own food in an 8x5m space in London.

It all began for me as a tribute to my grandfather, who taught me everything I know about gardening and the living soil around us: how to use every part of the fruit and vegetables I grow; the importance of micro-organisms; using organic practices to nurture plants and protect Mother Earth.Now, I’m on a mission to help other people to grow their own food, to recreate the missing link with nature and to reduce their impact on the environment.

I want to empower people with the knowledge to start their own supply of homegrown food, in order to stop relying completely on big corporations and start being more self-sufficient.

You don’t need any specific skills to do this: by following some easy and basic steps you will be able to grow your own organic food at home.Supermarkets sell grow-at-home lettuce plants that stay fresh for longer.

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