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The Smurfs Join the World’s First Educational Gaming Metaverse, The Winkyverse, in First Public Land Sale

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Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that is not part of editorial content.Mainbot, creator of the first educational gaming metaverse, The Winkyverse, announces its partnership with IMPS, global license holder of The Smurfs.The Winkyverse, Youtube channelThe Winkyverse, First Trailer of PomokataThe Winkyverse is a warm, welcoming and accessible realm that appeals to all audiences – adults, children and families alike.

It’s a world where Humans and Nature coexist in harmony, and where players can grasp the importance of cooperation and knowledge gathering in protecting the environment through a vast option of playable quests that are equal parts fun, and equal parts educational.The universe’s dedication to environmental preservation also lead The Winkyverse and Mainbot to abide by the same principles in their development and operations.

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