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University students reveal new Web3 solutions at ETHDenver 2023

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Thousands of attendees recently gathered at Denver’s National Western Complex for ETHDenver 2023 to learn about the current and future cryptocurrency ecosystem.

John Paller, founder and executive steward of ETHDenver, told Cointelegraph that 15,000 ticketholders attended ETHDenver’s main event.While ETHDenver attracted a diverse crowd, many students from leading universities attended the event, showcasing new solutions to advance the crypto and Web3 sector.

Gil Rosen, president of the Stanford Blockchain Accelerator — a program that connects Stanford University students and alumni founders in the blockchain space — told Cointelegraph that he believes current Web3 technology platforms are generally non-performant. “These platforms often lack privacy preservation, are extremely challenging to develop on (especially complex applications), and are even more complex to use,” he said.

Given this, Rosen mentioned that student attendees at ETHDenver 2023 seemed to be focused on building developer tools, and solutions to simplify user experience and privacy. “These features will enable future applications to be easily built and fully capable.

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