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New York Attorney General Urges Congress to Prohibit Retirement Investments in Crypto Assets

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New York Attorney General Letitia Games has urged lawmakers to ban the use of crypto assets as an investment option for retirement accounts.In a November 22 letter penned to members of Congress, James claimed that US lawmakers need to protect workers’ retirement funds from high-risk crypto assets, especially after the recent collapse of FTX that delivered billions in losses to retail users. “On behalf of the People of the State of New York, I urge Congress to pass legislation to designate digital assets – e.g., cryptocurrencies, digital coins, and digital tokens – as assets that cannot be purchased using funds in [retirement accounts]," she said.

James said that while investment in crypto assets has found momentum over the past couple of years, these assets "have no intrinsic value on which their prices are based." "They generally do not provide investors with an ownership or equity interest in a company like a corporate stock, nor do they represent a creditor’s ownership of a debt obligation like the holder of a corporate bond, although they are often marketed as investments from which investors can expect to make profits from the actions of others,” she added.

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