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Rising diesel prices push UK’s fishing industry to the brink

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Rising diesel prices could soon stop Britain’s fishing crews from setting sail as it becomes too costly to fish, boat captains warned this weekend.Trawlers and commercial fishers are now struggling under the weight of price rises that mean in many cases tens of thousands of pounds extra in diesel for a fishing trip leading to take-home pay that is below the minimum wage.

It’s a blow to an already struggling industry that was hoping for better times after Britain’s exit from the European Union.The cost of the type of diesel used by fishing boats has more than doubled in the past eight months and a rise of just 7p more would make it uneconomical for some trawlers to operate, according to Barry Young, managing director of Brixham Trawler Agents, which runs the fish market in Brixham, Devon, England’s most valuable fishing port.“It’s very fragile at the moment,” he said. “It wouldn’t take a lot to push it over the edge.

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