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Should Filecoin investors give up on ‘buy experience, not things’ attitude

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Filecoin has ramped up gains in the past few days after the news of a high-profile partnership broke out.In a tweet released on 27 July, Filecoin Foundation confirmed details to support Harvard’s Library Innovation Lab (LIL).The news led to a meteoric rise of the FIL token as social activity gained pace.

Consequently, FIL surged up to 80% in the past week with the support of social and market activity.At its peak, FIL reached as high as $9.8 on 31 July but has since crashed down to $7.97.The LIL will explore how decentralized and open web technologies can advance the discovery and preservation of human knowledge.Marta Belcher, President of the Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web (FFDW), in the announcement said,“FFDW’s mission is to preserve humanity’s most important information.

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