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Top Play-to-Earn Crypto Meta Masters Guild Presale Storms Past $1m – Price Set to Rise 30% Today, So Invest Now

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Monday January 23rd 2023 - Meta Masters Guild, rapidly gaining popularity as a top play-to-earn gaming platform, has raised over $1,054,000 from investors within a span of two weeks.Stage 2 of the seven-stage presale is scheduled to end in six days but is likely to finish in the next few hours.When the fundraising reaches the $1,120,000 mark the $MEMAG enters Stage 3.

The token price will then jump 30%, from the current $0.01000 to $0.01300.In all, the presale has seven stages. When the presale gets to its final stage, $MEMAG will be priced at $0.02300 – that’s a 129% premium to the current offer price.The project has set itself the relatively modest goal of raising $4.97 million in order to complete its roadmap, so there’s no need for investors to worry about overpromising and execution failureWith no time to lose, prospective investors will need to move in a spritely fashion to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new games project.

Meta Masters Guild is making a major pitch to create the crypto sector’s most sustainable play-to-earn crypto.Undoubtedly P2E has been one of the breakthrough applications of crypto technology.

Its disruptive potential has been demonstrated, as seen in the initial success of Axie Infinity, for example.But that success wasn’t sustainable because of the way P2E was implemented, which put the emphasis on earning through doing repetitive and boring in-game tasks over fun gameplay.Meta Masters Guild is doing away with all that by switching the emphasis to enjoyable and engaging gameplay.Not surprisingly perhaps, analysts believe Meta Masters Guild has the potential to become this year’s fastest-growing play-to-earn cryptocurrency this year with 10x potential.

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