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With $5M In Backing This New Move-to-Earn Project Offers Instant Rewards Without Needing Sneakers – Here's How It Works

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Despite the initial hype around Move-2-Earn (M2E) in 2022 - which saw projects such as STEPN gain huge traction in the Web3 community - things haven't taken off as expected.

But one ambitious M2E start-up is setting out to revolutionise the sector.Initial excitement around the M2E concept promised a new dawn of fitness and health consciousness - motivative by a monetary reward system.

But STEPN's original promise fizzled out as WEB3 participants soon discovered the intensely transactional economics of the project meant that all too often users were losing out.And growth dried up quick with STEPN's expensive barrier to entry - requiring new users to make an initial upfront investment in an NFT sneaker - to the tune of a few thousand dollars.This left Move-2-Earn in a poor state of affairs - with market interest drawn away by flashy AI narratives and Chinese coin pumps.But things seem to be changing as one M2E presale has skyrocketed as investors flock to back the next big evolution in M2E.Fight Out ($FGHT) is surging to becoming the biggest crypto presale of 2023 – with a jaw-dropping $5m raised by the fastest-growing Play 2 Earn project.Market interest is gravitating toward move-2-earn (M2E), and Fight Out is poised to win big in the aftermath of STEPN’s failed recovery rally.Boasting impressive blockchain technology, Fight Out is able to track and reward all types of exercise as it pits you on a quest to become the ultimate fighter.By deploying innovative metrics using your phone’s in-built inertial measurement unit, Fight Out can track your training on the punching bag, your powerlifting progress, and even your time spent dancing on a Friday night.This flows into a secondary play-2-earn (P2E) ecosystem that pits users

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